Dena Mason


Dena Mason

About the Author

Dena Mason published her first book in 2021. This couldn’t have come at a better time in her life as her two older children are off to college and she and her husband, Randy are slowly becoming empty nesters. Their sixteen-year-old daughter is a sophomore in high school, and the little boy whom she has been watching started preschool.  

Dena plans to use this extra time to spend with her husband on the farm, while following her daughter through high school, and finding more time to visit her college kids. Dena also plans to stay connected to the kids whom she has watched throughout the years. She hopes to keep writing for the local paper, start blogging, and continue to write stories, while also continuing to raise golden retriever puppies.

About the Book

Growing up in the secure embrace of family, the winds of change are still inevitable.

Hoofprints of the Heart takes you back in time to a small town and a simpler life, before cell phones and social media, when communication was composed of actions, and the love of family and nature.

In the small farming community of Eckley, Colorado, surrounded by family and friends, young Dena learned about living and dying, suffering and loss. Galloping through new emotions and new experiences, she rode horses on Colorado’s eastern plains and explored her faith in love and God with the help of her Uncle Max.

As Dena grew up, she discovered that heartache and loss are a part of love—and that welcoming every moment is the key to happiness. This compelling and heartwarming coming-of-age story will leave you with a greater sense of surrender to life’s unpredictable moments—including the death of loved ones—and it will restore your faith in God and family.

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