Our church is searching for a new pastor. But what do we have to offer? Here are some of the answers our church gave yesterday:

Cope Community Church is nestled right in the heartland of a farming community. The pay will not be high dollar. There are no restaurants, no movie theaters, and no coffee shops. A person will drive 45 minutes to find groceries, 20 miles to the nearest school, and the nearest gas station.  Living out here is not for the faint of heart. So why would someone want to pastor out here?

For starters, we believe we are in God’s Country. (even though he created all.) The stars are gorgeous. We have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It’s quiet; it’s slow. We can watch the miracle of birth, right here on the farm.

We have golden grains of wheat, corn popping up in rows, and the smell of fresh-cut alfalfa.

We are a community that knows one another, helps one another and prays for one another.

In this community, a new pastor wouldn’t just be a pastor. This community would welcome him as their own and take good care of him. He would become family in this safe environment.

There is something beautiful out here. But it takes more than eyes to see. You have to experience it with your your heart and your soul. Then you will witness this awesome, exquisite, and unique lifestyle. And if your spirit finds peace within; then this… just may be the job for you!