Do you have a special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day?  Randy and I celebrate it as the day he proposed to me. He slipped a heart-shaped diamond ring on my finger. A year and a day later we were married. This year we are celebrating our 25th Silver Anniversary.   My wedding band is in the shape of a horseshoe with tiny diamonds around it. I believe this was how I subconsciously came up with the title, ‘hoofprints of the heart.’ Here is a poem I wrote after he proposed to me.

Sweet, Sweet Forever- Valentine

A scent of roses in the air, Valentine’s Day must be near.  A sad story within my heart.  My love and I are apart.  Many lovers catch my eye but in my apartment, my heart dies. A knock on the door, who could it be? My forever valentine, staring back at me. “I thought you couldn’t come, I thought you were busy. Now you stand in front of me, I feel so dizzy.”  Down on one knee, as charming as can be. He opens my heart with his. A diamond ring- heart,        shaped for the occasion, is slipped on my finger with this saying: “Will you marry me and always be mine? My sweet, sweet forever-Valentine.”

Please share how you celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Maybe you make it special for the special children in your life or maybe a romantic candlelight dinner with a strawberry daiquiri.