Take a ride with me down an old dirt road, where the end of the trail will lead you to your salvation at the cross. Where you’ll discover that the one who carries you, is Jesus. 
This story is based on the gifts I received as a child from many relatives while growing up. Many of those gifts were animals. But one gift was a bible from my beloved uncle.
You see, it wasn’t the gift of the bible that was so significant in my life, rather it was the gift inside the living word that has carried me through.
The gift of Jesus on the cross is a gift that continues to give.
As the blood poured out of his body, in a gruesome detail of sacrifice, His love remained steadfast through our sin and shame.
Our sin is cleansed and purified by His perfect love, where beauty and forgiveness remain.
This gift will never be lost, never be broken, and will never expire. But you have to receive this gift into your heart.
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