Can you feel it? The beat of war is louder tonight as Ukraine is under attack.

A convoy is about to take place in the USA. Shelves may become bare in the grocery stores.

The schools with an Indian mascot are under attack, and the attacks continue to trickle down to each of us.

Wheat prices are up .50 tonight, and inflation is soaring. This is a dire warning of things to come.

Do you feel uneasy tonight and can’t explain why? Are our spirits unsettled? Our world and lives are shifting.

We are on the brink of war.  Take a moment of reflection to understand what our souls are feeling.

A moment of silence, a deep, deep breath. Let’s bow our heads, fold our hands and pray.

My special prayer reaches out to a family in Ukraine tonight, who is in a Christian prayer and writing group with me. He has 4 kids and a wife.

Lord, we know you have the entire world in your hands. We ask for your protection and guidance through it all. I especially pray for this family in Ukraine and all of Ukraine tonight. Prayers that Russia will cease their fire. Amen.